Spiritual Warfare

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The purpose of ministering deliverance


Guess what? This ministry isn't about demons! That's right! It's about guiding and helping our brothers and sisters come into the victory that Christ died to give them! Receiving Christ and Receiving their Salvation and helping them find a good Church if they don't have one. With out Christ or Salvation the bondage of the adversary will not be broken. The purpose of ministering deliverance is to set free those who are in bondage. As Jesus was sent fourth to preach deliverance to the captives (Luke 4:18, "The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he hath anointed me to... preach deliverance to the captives..."), so we are also sent out (John 20:21, "Then said Jesus to them... as my Father hath sent me, even so send I you.") to do the works He did (John 14:12, "He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also..."), and this includes casting out of devils (Matthew 10:8).

The ministry of deliverance is about bringing spiritual victory and freedom to those who are in bondage. It doesn't matter what you call it (demonized, possessed, oppressed, etc.), if they are in demonic bondage, whether they need to tear down a stronghold, break up a legal ground, cast a demon out, or all three... it's still deliverance, because it's setting the captives free. Casting out demons, is just part of the overall ministry of deliverance.


Four important elements of this ministry


This is where I see some deliverance ministries miss the mark. They think it's as simple as commanding the demon to come out, and there's nothing more they can do. This is a grave mistake that causes a lot of people to walk away from a deliverance still in bondage. There is more to it than simply casting out demons. In Luke 9:42, we are told a story of how Jesus not only rebuked demons in a boy who was mentally affected by evil spirits, but also is said to have healed the boy. There is no mention of the boy needing physical healing, but if you look up the word healed in this passage, one of the meanings is, "to free from errors and sins...", which is likely what Jesus did with the boy, Jesus removed the boy's legal grounds (sins) and freed him from errors (strongholds). This case of deliverance required more then just rebuking demons!

There have been times when I have successfully helped people out of their demonic bondages, without even having to cast out demons! Sometimes all that is needed is the pulling down of a stronghold, or a breaking up of a legal right. Other times, all three areas need to be addressed to bring the person into complete freedom.

A educated deliverance minister should be knowledgeable with all three of these very important elements, and be prepared to address them without hesitation:


Inner healing


Many times when a person has been abused, rejected, wounded, or hurt in some way, there is an emotional wound that needs to be healed. Demons will use these wounds and weaknesses against the person, as leverage to hold them in bondage and get them to re-open doors so that they can re-enter. Inner healing is a vital step in the overall restoration process that needs to take place in the lives of many who are seeking deliverance.


Tearing down strongholds


 Strongholds are incorrect thinking patterns that people develop over time, and are often set up and nurtured by demons through lies and deception. Demons thrive on strongholds, and use them to hang around a person and torment them. I recommend reading the teaching on Strongholds for a clear insight into exactly what a stronghold is, and how to go about tearing them down. Failing to tear down strongholds can hold up a deliverance and prevent us from walking in complete spiritual freedom.


Removing legal rights


 Legal rights are things that give demons permission to enter and remain in our lives. Before demons can often be cast out, it is important to address and remove these legal rights. The teaching on Legal Rights lists the most common legal rights and how you can go about removing them. Failing to remove legal rights can hold up a deliverance very easily.


Casting out the demons


 This requires two basic elements: knowledge of your authority in Christ Jesus over the powers of the enemy, and faith in that authority. Demons are cast out with a simple spoken command, such as, "I command the spirit of fear to come out in the name of Jesus!" You can learn more about your authority and how it works from the teaching on Spiritual Authority.

I believe it is usually a good idea to give the person requesting deliverance a Deliverance Questionnaire that will give you an overview of their background, the bondages they are facing, the root or source of their problem, as well as legal grounds, strongholds and any particular spirits that need to be addressed.

Then begin to work with them to receive inner healing, break up any legal grounds, and tear down any strongholds you see in their life and of course, cast out any demons that need to go.

It is always helpful to have a general idea of what the different common demons are, what they do and how they enter, how they usually operate, etc. For example, the Bible speaks of spirits that cause physical health problems such as the spirit of infirmity, blindness, deafness, etc. along with spirits that cause fear and depression (King Saul), mental illness, etc. The teaching on Demon Possession is a good place to start and will help you begin to understand how demons affect us, and what it really means to be 'possessed with a demon'.

I don't necessarily recommend reading occult books or books on demons that were not written by solid Christian ministers, because that can cause you to pick up demons yourself! Whatever you do, don't wander into the dark world to learn about it! The best place to learn about demons, is from the Bible itself! Whatever you can't find in the Bible, you can learn from other solid Christian ministers.


How Deliverances Can Fail


Not enough faith - Jesus said that some demons only come out after prayer and fasting, which builds your faith to the higher levels required to cast out some of the stronger demons.

Mark 9:29, "And he said unto them, This kind can come forth by nothing, but by prayer and fasting."

Unwillingness to be delivered or let go - if the person is not willing to give up certain things in their

life that are giving the enemy the legal right to remain, or they are not willing to let go of certain demons, there's little you can do to drive out those demons.

Legal rights were not broken - if you try to go about a deliverance without first breaking off any legal grounds given to the enemy, you will almost certainly fail, and even if you are successful, the demons will almost certainly come back with even more demons, making a worse mess then before.

Important steps were not taken - there are some steps that can make a day and night difference in a deliverance session, such as getting ahold of the demons names and commanding them by name. If you simply command all the demons present to leave, you will likely be ignored; it's like somebody trying to get your attention in a crowd by yelling "Hey you!" Many times when Jesus cast out demons, He referred to them by name, and He got their attention in quick order. Not every deliverance session requires you to refer to the demons by name, but it sure helps when you are able to get a hold of their names, either through the person your ministering to (if they accepted a spirit guide by the name of Daemon, then they would obviously know the name of one or more spirits that are in them), another way to get the name is by the symptoms they are causing, for example, extreme guilt feelings are often caused by a spirit by the name of guilt, and other ways to get their names are by a word of knowledge from the Holy Spirit, or from the demons themselves (if they manifest, ask them for their name).

The person hasn't accepted Christ - trying to cast a demon out of an unbeliever is like trying to kick somebody out of their apartment when their rent is paid up; it isn't an easy task and even if you did succeed, they are bound to come back with several more even worse evil spirits as Jesus warned in

Matthew 12:43-45. This problem can be easily solved by asking the person if they would accept Jesus, with a mouth confession as the Bible says, and believe with their heart in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Romans 10:9-11, "That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation. For the scripture saith, Whosoever believeth on him shall not be ashamed."