The Ouija board is not to be tampered with by anyone.  There is only one exception to this rule.

1. a very experienced medium that is channeling in a spirit to communicate

   a. The spirit channeling should only be done to serve a specific purpose.

   b. The spirit channeling should be started and closed by the medium.

A Ouija board is used as a gateway to the other realm, whether it be a positive or negative spirit/demonic entity.  The entity's that come through the doorway can be demonic but disguise themselves as friendly.  They will deceive you into believing that they are a lost relative, loved one, or friend that knew you in life.  This is a tool they use to begin the possession process. 

When you utilize the Ouija board, you are opening a broad doorway to the other side.  You have no control on what comes through to communicate with you. 

*Even if you call for 1 spirit, as many as hundreds can come through unbeknownst to you.*

The medium is the only one with enough control, insight, and vision to watch, monitor, and control how much the doorway opens and what comes through to communicate.  The medium struggles with opening and closing the doorway, even with experience.

The séance works the same way as the Ouija board.  They ARE NOT TO BE TAMPERED WITH!  Home-made’s are no exceptions to the rule.


I can not and will not stop stressing this point.