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We are starting an radio show that will be coming soon... The show can be heard by clicking on the Live web feed button on the side of the page.

We will announce when the show will start on the news page.

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2012 - This year we would like to focus our knowledge and thoughts on people who are having problems with evil spirits or demons.  Minister Lee Wastler has been with us for a while now and we are going to have a radio show on this website that will discuss different things dealing with that area...


We are trying to get donations for our trip to Africa.  Any donation will be appreciated.

The money will be used to send David Miller and Lee wastler to Africa, so we can take several laptops to an camp.  The camp has a classroom and we are donating the laptops so they can learn more about God...

So please, if you can spare a few dollars to donate email: david@paghosthunters.org