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Paghosthunters.org was founded in September of 2005.   Our goal is to help people that are experiencing problems with the paranormal or demonic.

The founder of paghosthunters.org is Joe Pyzowski.  I decided to start this team to investigate places that are rumored or are known to have a haunting associated with them.  We hope to learn and also teach the public the nature of the supernatural.  All of our investigations are free of charge.  If interested in having our team do an investigation, please feel free to contact us at the link on the left menue.  We would like to inform anyone who believes they are experiencing a haunting that they are not alone.  We've been trying to take more cases dealing with demonic or evil.  The feelings behind this is to apply our knowledge to help and hopefully get rid of any evil or demonic entity that would be harming anyone.  

Are you experiencing phenomena related to a haunting?  Are you afraid of who might or might not believe you?  Who would you tell?  We are here to help.  Although we can not alleviate you of your paranormal activity, we can tell you whether or not your experience is being caused by the paranormal. 

We do not begin an investigation without first doing research on the history of the location we are to investigate.  We try to find as much information on the building or the place of the haunting.  We will try to give logical explanations for any supposed paranormal activity reported.  However, if no logical explanation is available, we will share our findings with you and let you know that we also believe you have a haunting.  We use all the current technologies to capture and record phenomenon, such as Digital voice recorders, 35mm camera's, digital cameras, video cameras and digital video cameras.   All of our investigations are done with the equipment above. 

David, Dave and Lee are the three lead investigators that go to all of the haunted areas.    All have a lot of experience when it comes to the paranormal.  They are best friends that work together to help others understand the unexplainable. 


We DO NOT show anything fake or made up. 


Here is some information about the team.

Joe Pyzowski   -   Founder and webmaster

David Miller    -   Co-Founder/Lead Investigator/Webmaster

Dave Eberhart  -  Lead Investigator/Team Medium

Lee Wastler - Lead Investigator/Team Minister

Stacy- Investigator


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