Possessions can occur in anyone at anytime, but contrary to popular belief they are not done by human spirits.  Possessions are done by demonic spirits, but can only overtake a person's body.  A demon overtakes a person because they are envious of the flesh, the memories, and the overall lifestyle of the human being.  A demon wants to experience the essence of human life, but can only do it through this unwanted process.

    The easiest people to get possessed are the vulnerable, or the willing.  A person is the most vulnerable during a time of substance abuse, exploitation of another person, having a negative outlook, or being inexperienced and searching for a ghost.  If you are under the influence of a substance, please be advised to not search for ghosts.  Demons search for vulnerable humans,  but when the normal brain pattern is altered, it is simple for a demon to overtake that person.  If a person has a negative outlook on life, refuses to help anyone or them self, a demon can prey on them.  This is a researched based fact, but a negative perspective feeds into your vulnerability.  The final fact is amateur ghost hunting, I personally don't advise it.  It takes years of experience with the paranormal to understand the capabilities of spirits and the overwhelming ability they have over an unaware mind.  The pre-possession symptoms are long and at times can be painful.

    When a dark spirit enters your body you begin to feel  a prickling sensation that engulfs you.  Imagine your foot falling asleep, but then suddenly moving it.  That prickly feeling overtakes your entire body.  The next two sensations are emotional; you feel an imminent sense of danger followed by great fear and terror.  If you feel this process, immediately ask for protection from your higher power.  The possession itself can detriment your life if it takes place.

    Claims have been made that when a person is possessed they have constant black outs  and slip into trances that they can not explain or understand.  The victims are said to hear voices that tell them to do things.   at times they can see the entity inside of them, rarely they can see the demonic form.  People around have said that the victim's have extreme behavior changes; there outlook on life and personal habits diminish within days.  In worst case scenarios there have been cases, but I'm not sure on the validity, that victims of possession will actually kill other humans.

    A spirit demonic or not, can't possess a human spirit, but they can use there body for a vessel.  If you do encounter a possession pray to your higher power, contact your local priest or local research team.


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