and the evidence behind them

    Poltergeists date back to the ancient times of the Romans, but received their name from the Germans, noisy spirits.  They can possess any thing or any one, but the real problem is that they can travel anywhere at anytime.  Upon much research and reading many stories of them we have put together a list of potential symptoms for a poltergeist.

    Poltergeists can invade any location, but more evidence proves that they remain with a haunted area.  The typical signs of a invasion include, objects being mysteriously thrown and smashed, horrendous smells, loud noises, apparitions, and various forms of light.  If you experience any of these signs be sure to investigate any new items you might have brought into the haunted area.  There have been reports of poltergeists living within objects, then polluting the area around it.  If it is an object contact your local research team, or properly dispose of the object.  If you choose to dispose of the object, keep in mind that the entity will follow it to the next location, so be careful.  If there is not a new object, and a person that you know is exhibiting strange behavior then contact a local priest or your local research team.

    Poltergeist usually take over females up to the age of 25 with subconscious Psychokinetic (PK) abilities.  PK is having the ability to control mind over matter, but most people do not realize they have it.  The female is usually mentally unstable; diagnosed with depression, schizophrenia, anxiety, phobias, etc.  There are certain cases, but they are rare, when the female is possessed, and is mentally stable.  In both forms of cases the agent's (person who is being possessed) experienced a recent trauma.  The poltergeist's are said to be more likely to take over an agent when their serotonin is at a higher level.  During the possession the entity will cycle its energy until it peaks strong enough to physically and or mentally damage the agent.  Due to the damage there is much talk of the poltergeist being evil, thus why the average person contacts a priest.

    If you come in contact with a poltergeist please inform your local research team or priest.


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