To begin the article on mediums I would like to discuss the advantages of having a medium on the Pennsylvania Ghost & Paranormal Research Team.  Dave Eberhart (Lead Investigator), and typing this article, is our team's medium.  With the advantage of having scientific equipment, the assistance of mental abilities can be very beneficial.  I use my abilities to see, sense, hear, and count the spirits around.  When my senses arise, I take a picture with the digital camera, or have another investigator check out the area.  I have been a medium for about 12 years now, and have enjoyed the experience every day.  I am classified as a Physical and Mental Medium, which I will explain through out the article. 

    Mental Mediums are very typical in the world of mediumship; every human being possesses the capability of being one.  It is broken down into three different categories, clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience; clairsentience being the most common among people.         

    Clairvoyants are defined as mediums that can see through their mental eyes, or in front of them clearly.  Through my experience I have seen manifestations through my mental eyes and in physical life.  If you experience the paranormal in your mind, then it is as if you were watching a movie or TV show.  You see memories that you have never encountered before; a story begins to play with people you don't recognize.  Then you see, from beginning to end, what the spirit's message is.  The message is typically what they want, and how they died.  If you you encounter an apparition in front of you, then the story does not play.  You see the spirit, but only their appearance.  At times they can be detailed, or a vague picture.

    Clairaudience is an audio sensory that focuses on hearing a spirit talk in your mind.  It can vary from hearing voices, songs, humming, or arguing, depending on the environment.  Clairaudiences will either hear the spirits either in the mind or outside, actually hearing the EVP.  A perfect example would be the EVP we captured with the Lost Cox Children Memorial.  If you listen to the flashlight piece you will understand because I heard the boys saying it to me directly  before I said it.

    Clairsentience is the sense of having the hair on the back of your neck raised when you become afraid.  This form of mediumship consists of feeling cold, a slight breeze coming through you, or feeling as if a cobweb brushed against your skin.  The issue I experience is not only having the feeling of coldness, but I seem to have the emotions of the spirits transition into my body. 

    Physical Mediumship is more advanced is uncommon amongst most people;  It actually dates back to the Victorian age.  Physical mediums have the ability to maintain transfigurations, trances, possessions, and can allow non-mediums to communicate to the paranormal.     

    Transfiguration is a process where the medium's face configures into an image of the spirit's face.  I have experienced transfiguration on a few occasions, but it is an interesting experience.  From what I am told, my face has completely changed into that apparitions face for a few seconds.  It occurred immediately after I saw the apparition in front of me on each occasion.

    Trances can be more complicated, and at times lead into an unwilling possession.  Click on POSSESSION to read about it more.  The expression falling into a trance means going into the spirit's memories.  When I fall into a trance I can see what the spirit saw when they were living, until they died.  The entire area transforms into what it was back when the spirit was living.  A good example would be the train cars at the railroaders museum.  I touched one of the counter tops inside the dinning car and it lit up.  I could see for a short time what it looked like when it was running.  Skeptics say that the images are hallucinations that form because we want them to; that our imagination create these "memories".  I have done a lot of research on the fact, but depending on the spiritual  beliefs of a person the truth will probably never be truly uncovered.  At times trances can lead into a spirit attempting to overtake your body; not every spirit is friendly. 

    The final ability of a physical medium is allowing a spirit to communicate through taps and clicks in the environment.  The medium communicates with the spirit after being in a trance, and asks the spirit to communicate to the others in the room.  Doing this process however, is complicated and requires a lot of experience and energy.

    Overall having mediumship is a wonderful gift, and with out it our team would have more difficulty finding local spirits.  Our equipment is valuable to us, and is used during every opportunity.  Using me as the medium is beneficial to our team because I can point out where to put the various equipment, and we have the benefit of communicating with the spirits since they can see me.



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