What makes a "haunted House" real?  Is it because you take a picture and catch a possible orb?  Do unexplained bumps in the night that occur at the same time, on the same days make your house haunted?  When your kitchen cupboards fly open and shut on their own, does that make a haunting?  Actually that means you have a poltergeist.   I am going to explain what makes a haunting, and the different types of haunting that can occur.

    Obliviously ghosts cause a haunting, but the question is why.  Ghosts are earth bound spirits that did not pass on to the other side.  They appear on earth with the same appearance as they left; they have the same clothing, wounds, etc.  Ghosts typically haunt the area that they have the fondest memories of, but there are the ghosts who are stuck to that area.  The ghosts that are stuck to the area were typically murdered or had a traumatizing death.  The problem with seeing a ghost is they need to follow the hierarchy to manifest into an apparition. 

    The hierarchy begins with the simple orb; a very low form of energy from the ghost.  The orb then turns into a mist, or ghost fog.  After the fog, you can capture an orb in motion, which requires more energy.  Soon after you will see a vortex, or a stream of energy that looks like an energetic current through the air.  The highest form of energy is an apparition which is very close to a transparent apparition.  The apparition is a conscientious ghost that we can see.  It appears in full depth, unlike a transparent apparition, which doesn't convey complete detail of the spirit.  Now that the hierarchy is explained I can discuss the two types of hauntings that occur.

    There is the residual haunt which is a common reenactment of the incident that took place to cause the haunting.  Residual hauntings can not be interrupted or changed by any means.  It is a memory in time that will replay itself until the reason for its haunting is solved. 

    A classic Haunt is the complete opposite of the residual haunt.  the spirits are attached to the foundation of the area or the house itself.  These apparitions can be seen and heard at various times in different areas.

    Depending on your spiritual and religious aspects on life after death this information will either benefit you or not change your perception on a haunting.



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